The Mess About EP - Out 19th August 2016


So, an interesting thing that has been happening recently is people have been saying to me;

Is your music on iTunes?

Is your music on Spotify?

You should release your music!

Why do you only put it on Soundcloud?

Heh - it’s funny, really. I mean, I don’t class any of my music “release” material. I just make stuff that I end up liking and put it out there for others to listen to.

But what I found is I can never stop myself from messing around with any tracks. I need a way to force myself to stop doing it.

So after messing around with 6 tracks I’ve had on the go… I’ve decided that it’s time I just, put them out there. Sod it!

The EP is called “The Mess About EP” - quite obvious why, really… The artwork is also just from me “messing around” seen as I don’t really have any identity.

It has 6 tracks, and it’s a 50/50 split of Dance-y stuff, to “Happy Hardcore” stuff. If you can call any of them any of that (I hate genres…)

  1. Cryptic
  2. Why Suffer
  3. Some Piano Thingy
  4. A Sea Of Jerks
  5. Neuken
  6. Come Back Soon

I hope that someone out there will enjoy at least one of them. But if you happen to enjoy them all then that’s awesome too!

The EP is available on pretty much every online store… Though here’s the obvious ones:

iTunes ~ Amazon MP3

It’ll be on Spotify & Apple Music on 19th August.

Now… what next?

Instagram to soon start showing content out of order and based on personalized algorithms

The Facebook syndrome strikes again!

Facebook does this and it urks the living crap out of me.

Why do they think that showing me my timeline of stuff out of order is useful? Why do they think that they know what I want to read?

The majority of the time it’s useless crap from hours ago that there’s no point bothering with anymore, or it’s useless crap I’ve already read. So why are you still bring it to my attention?

Facebook is utterly useless when it comes to interacting with friends.

Twitter attempted to do this and it’s users said no. Instead, Twitter has a way of opting-out of it which is great! So why can’t I do that on Facebook?

And now Instagram, which by the way is now owned by Facebook, are also going to be doing this utter pile of crap?

Timelines are meant to be timelines. Latest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Grrrr. Why do companies feel the need to ruin stuff that’s working perfectly fine?

My take on Kesha v Dr Luke

There’s a very strange thing about this

I’m always one that thinks that any complaint of rape needs proper proof and facts on both sides. It should never be a “She said this so he is guilty” sort of affair. Ever.

However, this case is very interesting… Kesha’s goal isn’t go cause a guy to go to prison. It’s the fact, on her part, that she is not comfortable or scared to work with this guy.

One of the reasons in which the case was thrown out is that it’s a “commercially sensitive” situation and it “wouldn’t be commercially viable” for the judge to allow Kesha to escape her contract so that she doesn’t have to work with this guy.

And that’s the part that pisses me off.

In what sense of any world would it be OK for a judge to tell someone, who is scared and has expressed their view against a person that they are being forced to work with - that they have to work with them?!

Dr Luke (Luckas Gottwald) denies all alegations. And that’s fine - that is his right and it’s not fair on anyone to say that he is lying and she isn’t. It’s not a case of “he said she said”.

But if someone gives indication that they are not comfortable working with someone and expresses situations to what has led to this feeling - in what mind can anyone be in to say “Tough shit, you’re working with him because you have this to do in this contract”.

It’s not right at all for someone to be forced to work with someone when they have expressed concern for their safety or health. At all.

Kesha is in a contract in which she has to write a number of albums with this label and with Dr Luke. She cannot escape this contract due to the deal of the contract that was signed when she was younger.

All Kesha has now - is to either do this and make music she doesn’t enjoy because it has this burden on her. Or she can not do this and be fined for not completing the contract. And that fine can be hefty.

The music business is a mad thing. Some people end up in ridiculous situations that in any other business would be classed as illegal and inhuman. Surely it’s about time people look in to the kind of contracts that are being signed?

(And don’t get me started on the people who advocate their “acts” taking drugs so they can tour more… )

Whether Kesha’s statements are true or not. If she is scared to work with someone for her safety and welbeing - surely that comes way before commercial viableness…


Disclaimer: Just to note, I’m no expert in this. I’m taking my view on what I’ve read thus far. And I’m not saying either or are correct in their statements.

Typora - The best upcoming Markdown editor?


##Typora has quickly become one of my favorite Markdown editors.

As you type in Markdown, it renders it in HTML on the fly. So as you’re writing, you’re seeing it as you expect it. So essentially, it’s a Markdown WYSIWYG editor. And I love it.

I can’t quite believe that no one else has done this yet. I mean… It’s so obvious now I see it. Yet every other editor I see is two-paned to give the editor on one side and the preview on the other.

Sure - it works. But it takes up so much screen estate. Especially when you use it so heavily, like I do.

I’ve been through many Markdown editors. MarkdownPad 2 being my favorite on Windows - up until now.

Typora is currently free as it’s still in development, though. And is a lot better on OS X than it currently is on Windows. But it’s getting better with every release and the developer listens to every bug raised via the Typora Issues GitHub page.

If you write a lot in Markdown - give it a shot!