A look back at 2015

- 5 mins

It’s New Year’s Eve…

and another year is passing us by. Where has the time gone?

It’s strange. Now that I’m older (26… FFS!) and still not as wiser - time seems to be flying by. But what exactly am I achieving in this time?

It shouldn’t really be that much of a difficult question - but it is! What have I done in 2015 that is noteworthy?

New friends galore!

One big thing this year is going to Insomnia Gaming Festival. I went to i54 in April with a few friends and had an absolute ball of a time.

I met so many new people and I was welcomed within a crowd that I probably shouldn’t be. It was grand! It was so good, I went to i55 and had the same experience and met even more new people.

I also went to EGX but that was boring. I managed to bump into old friends though there which was lovely.

But having these new friends around me is awesome. I’ve weaned out the mistaken friends (y’know. The ones that seemed grand until you got to know them) and left myself with a nice bunch. They’re like bananas. Get rid of the bruised ones and you got a lovely fruit bowl. Or something…

Hopefully they think the same of me, mind. So far so good though! :-)

Another big friend thing is my long long long term friend from The Netherlands came over to visit me for two weeks in October. This was probably the best this year has been. It was so nice to spend time with my best friend for two whole weeks. Though getting back to work was painful!

Moved out! I’m independent! Yay!

I finally did it this year. After wanting to do it many times and thinking of places to go… I’ve finally got myself a flat.

It’s a flat. It’s renting. But it’s my first. And so far - I’m loving it.

But my god is it difficult. So many bills… so many things to think about! The amount of times I’ve forgotten to take the bin out… crikey.

But I’m loving it. I am my own person. And if I want to play games all night or sit and just watch TV - I can! No inconveniencing anyone. Happy days.

New PC! Gaming! Woo!

I started off the year with a new PC. A gaming PC in fact. I’m rather glad I got it. I’ve spent many times this year on that thing playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. GTA V, Euro Truck Simulator 2… yes, don’t judge me.

The only downside of buying a gaming PC is I’ve spent the time I should be using to be productive in music, gaming. Arse.

Oh yeah - Music…

Been a pretty quiet year for music stuff. I’ve been experimenting with music mostly and trying to do a new sort of thing for me.

“Some Piano Thingy”, “Come Back Soon”, “Where Do We Go”, “ A Sea of Jerks”, “Why Suffer” being the tracks this year that I’m proud of. Though the first one needs revisited and finished… vocalist anyone?

On top of that, this year BBC Radio Shropshire Introducing - who have been absolute lovely people who happily play my music that I send them and give lovely comments - asked me for the second year in a row to do them a “Halloween Mix”.

I explained this more on my BBC Radio Shropshire Introducing - Halloween Mix 2015 post. So find out about that there as there’s no point in repeating myself! Though I was quite happy with that turned out and certainly put that down as an achievement for the year.

The year the world went mad

Outside of my life, it seems this year is the year the world went mad.

Feminism became a toxic word and full of abuse and insults. But that’s a post for another day (but srsly, Equality or GTFO).

The whole Syria and ISIS thing is … scary. As in, scary to see this kind of thing happening in this day of age.

There’s been Hacks left, right and frickin’ centre… Scaremongering in the press on near every subject…

And now we have about 4 storms this month. Flooding going on. Weirdly warm winter… All because of El Nino!

It’s not been a publicly happy year, has it?

So - what’s for 2016?

I’ve been thinking hard about this. And I don’t want to write a “New Years Resolution” because, let’s be honest… I won’t stick to it.

I have a few goals though. It’s mostly music related. To do with iTunes… but that’s about it.

I’d like to get back into doing some sort of radio based thing happening, too. Podcast thing? I don’t know yet…

My main thing is working out a way of scheduling myself. Removing the waste of time activities but still keeping time to socialise with friends in games and such.

I also need to work out a way of sorting my head so that I’m not lazy or struggling to even start something. I’ve spent far too long this year sitting, doing nothing. Not because I wanted to, but because I was stuck on what to do…
That’s been the hardest part of this year. Working out what to do.

So here’s to 2016!

I wish you all have a great 2016 and that you take something out of 2015 positively.

Thank you for sticking with me this year, everyone.

Now - where’s my bloody Guinness?!


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