Instagram to soon start showing content out of order and based on personalized algorithms

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The Facebook syndrome strikes again!

Facebook does this and it urks the living crap out of me.

Why do they think that showing me my timeline of stuff out of order is useful? Why do they think that they know what I want to read?

The majority of the time it’s useless crap from hours ago that there’s no point bothering with anymore, or it’s useless crap I’ve already read. So why are you still bring it to my attention?

Facebook is utterly useless when it comes to interacting with friends.

Twitter attempted to do this and it’s users said no. Instead, Twitter has a way of opting-out of it which is great! So why can’t I do that on Facebook?

And now Instagram, which by the way is now owned by Facebook, are also going to be doing this utter pile of crap?

Timelines are meant to be timelines. Latest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Grrrr. Why do companies feel the need to ruin stuff that’s working perfectly fine?

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