Team Kryptk 24 Hour Charity Livestream - 16th/17th Jan 2016

- 1 min

The lovely folks over at Team Kryptk are doing a 24 hour livestream in 2016 to raise money for MIND.

We have decided to choose “Mind” as our charity because as a group we all understand in our own ways the struggle with a mental health problem, be it through ourselves or our loved ones. We are hoping to raise awareness and promote the understanding through the improvement of services from your donations. Sometimes it is hard to understand something you aren’t personally going through, hopefully with just this little bit of difference our amazing community can do, we can help those going through mental health problems get advice and support they need. The aim is also to bring those who are unaware to reality of the lives of those around them and how to do their own part in helping them. Much like “Mind” we won’t give up until we can change the way people look at mental health problems and allow the progression of the support and respect of those who are going through it.

Please put this in your diary and support these guys and help raise money for an amazing charity.

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