Typora - The best upcoming Markdown editor?

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##Typora has quickly become one of my favorite Markdown editors.

As you type in Markdown, it renders it in HTML on the fly. So as you’re writing, you’re seeing it as you expect it. So essentially, it’s a Markdown WYSIWYG editor. And I love it.

I can’t quite believe that no one else has done this yet. I mean… It’s so obvious now I see it. Yet every other editor I see is two-paned to give the editor on one side and the preview on the other.

Sure - it works. But it takes up so much screen estate. Especially when you use it so heavily, like I do.

I’ve been through many Markdown editors. MarkdownPad 2 being my favorite on Windows - up until now.

Typora is currently free as it’s still in development, though. And is a lot better on OS X than it currently is on Windows. But it’s getting better with every release and the developer listens to every bug raised via the Typora Issues GitHub page.

If you write a lot in Markdown - give it a shot!

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