The Mess About EP - Out 19th August 2016

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Album Art

So, an interesting thing that has been happening recently is people have been saying to me;

Is your music on iTunes?

Is your music on Spotify?

You should release your music!

Why do you only put it on Soundcloud?

Heh - it’s funny, really. I mean, I don’t class any of my music “release” material. I just make stuff that I end up liking and put it out there for others to listen to.

But what I found is I can never stop myself from messing around with any tracks. I need a way to force myself to stop doing it.

So after messing around with 6 tracks I’ve had on the go… I’ve decided that it’s time I just, put them out there. Sod it!

The EP is called “The Mess About EP” - quite obvious why, really… The artwork is also just from me “messing around” seen as I don’t really have any identity.

It has 6 tracks, and it’s a 50/50 split of Dance-y stuff, to “Happy Hardcore” stuff. If you can call any of them any of that (I hate genres…)

  1. Cryptic
  2. Why Suffer
  3. Some Piano Thingy
  4. A Sea Of Jerks
  5. Neuken
  6. Come Back Soon

I hope that someone out there will enjoy at least one of them. But if you happen to enjoy them all then that’s awesome too!

The EP is available on pretty much every online store… Though here’s the obvious ones:

iTunes ~ Amazon MP3 ~ Apple Music ~ Spotify

Now… what next?

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